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Adamovich and Priefer Win Wmt's Three Lakes "Muskie Summit"™"

The Wisconsin Muskie Tour™ (WMT) hosted the second annual "MUSKIE SUMMIT"™ September 11th and 12th, on the Three Lakes Chain. There would be a total of forty three muskies registered for the weekend event.

The only team to score on three muskies for the contest would be Jared Adamovich and Curt Priefer when they landed muskies of 39.75 inches at 7:46am and 42.25 inches at 8:51am on Saturday, with another 36.25" incher on Sunday to give the duo a total of 118.25 points and the victory.

Nine other teams would tally multiple fish for the tilt with the largest double going to Greg Kliss and Phil Amstadt with a 44.50 ‘ muskie Saturday at 1:03pm and 41" fat tiger muskie Sunday at 8:34am. Third place would be captured by Gary Tutaj and Jeff Deuster with Saturday muskies of 37 inches at 2:54pm and 43.50" at 3:44pm. Landing fourth place would be the father and son team of Mark and Rob Rottier with a Saturday catch of 38 inches at 8:38am and 39.75 inches at 11:00am on the final day of competition. Chuck Bolton and Dave "All or Nothing" Schmitz finished fifth with Saturday catches of 41 inches at 1:12pm and a 35" at 1:54pm. Catching both of their muskies on Saturday also was the father and son team of George and Andy Kingsland, scoring on a 38" at 3:20pm and 37 inches at 3:52pm giving the men sixth place for the tilt. David Godin and John Cestkowski would double up on Saturday finishing seventh with a 35" muskie at 6:45am and a 38.50" at 8:11am. Tying the seventh place team, but receiving eighth place by virtue of time as the first tie breaker, would be Sam DeMaggio and Dwayne Dillon 35.50" at 8:56am and their second muskie on Saturday at 11:14am and measuring 38 inches. Finishing ninth was the team of Tony Warkoczewski and Paul Sviatoslavsky with Saturday tallies of 36.75 inches at 11:23am and 36.50 inches at 1:18am. Mike and Dan Wojtusik would capture the tenth spot with Saturday muskies of 34 inches at 8:45am and 36.25" at 1:01pm

Other anglers to score muskies during the WMT's Three Lakes Chain "MUSKIE SUMMIT"™ on Saturday were: Bob Dekker and Randy Pearson 41.50" at 6:55am, Bruce Gruening and Mark Myre 40.25" at 7:02am, Chad Popp and Al King 39" at 7:53am, John Jahnz and Mike Moore 44.50" at 8:01am, Marty Forman and Tom Huber 36" at 8:30am, Matt McCumber and Rod Moe 35.50" at 8:33am, Terry Ritter and Tom Wallschlaeger 40.50" at 8:40am, Dave Mueller and Ron Terkel 37" at 9:49am, Rob Kahl and John Carlson 42.50" at 10:28am, Rick Hess and Scott Clanton 34.50" at 12:14pm, John Bennett and Brent Kiedrowski 44.75" at 1:06pm, Ken Kaegi and Joel Sass 35.75" at 1:39pm, Scott Gindt and Dan Sheehan 39.50" at 1:44pm, Jerry Podmarsky and David Quinn 41.75" at 2:17pm, Ron Golec and Merrick Moeller 37" at 3:01pm, and Kevin Black and Phil Graham 38.50" at 4:20pm.

Other anglers to measure muskies on Sunday of the contest were: Ryan Bock and Tyler Maney 34.25" at 7:10am, Bob Lass and Gary George 34.50" at 7:56am, Don Groskopf and Dan Winkler 34.25" at 10:17am, Tony Piantek and Bill Vierkandt 37.75" at 10:53am, Nate and Ron Jones 34.75" at 11:12am, and Tim and Tom Mathu 43" at 11:48am.

The WMT's Three Lakes Chain "MUSKIE SUMMIT"™ top ten finishers were:

1st - Jared Adamovich/Curt Priefer
2nd - Greg Kliss/Phil Amstadt
3rd - Gary Tutaj/Jeff Deuster
4th - Mark and Rob Rottier
5th - Chuck Bolton/Dave Schmitz
6th - George and Andy Kingsland
7th - John Cestkowski/David Godin
8th - Sam DiMaggio/Dwayne Dillon
9th - Tony Warkoczewski/Paul Sviatoslavsky
10th - Dan and Mike Wojtusik

Teams competing during the WMT's regular season, and the "MUSKIE SUMMIT"™ tournament, that did well, will go on to compete in the WMT"S INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP™ on the Pike and Round Lake Chain just west of Minocqua on the last weekend of September, the 25th and 26th. Anglers earning their place at muskie tournament fishing most prestigious event, the WMT' INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP™ will be fishing for the guaranteed $30,000.00 first place money and for the $42,000.00 purse. The full field of sixty six teams at the Championship has been finalized with the completion of the WMT's Three Lakes "MUSKIE SUMMIT"™ tournament.

For a complete description and photos of all of the WMT's 2010 qualifying tournaments and for the WMT'S INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP™ final results, log onto www.wmtseries.com . Also, log on to the WMT's web site for a copy of the 2011 season qualifiers and Championship schedule.

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