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Derleth and Derleth Win WMT's North/South Twin Event

The Wisconsin Muskie Tour™ (WMT) traveled to North/South Twin Lakes on Monday, May 31st for the fourth "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"™ qualifier for the 2010 tournament season. There would be 13 muskies registered for the one day tournament.

The first muskie to be registered for the contest and the largest muskie of the day would be scored by Benji Wood and Rob Rottier at 6:18am, measuring 45.50 inches. At 12:22pm, the first double for the day would be captured by Even and Buck Derleth when the father and son team tallied a 41.50" muskie to add to their earlier catch of 41 inches at 7:01am that held up giving the duo the first place finish. David Godin and John Cestkowski would capture fifth place when they scored on a 39 inch muskie at 12:58pm. The second, and final team to double up for the tourney, would come from Nate Osfar and Steve DeVitt at 2:01pm when they tallied a 39.25 incher to go along with their previous catch of 38.50 inches at 6:37am. The final muskie of the day would be registered by Gary George and Bob Lass at 3:26pm with a dandy 44.75 incher.

Other anglers to score muskies during the WMT's North/South Twin Lakes "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"™ were: Bill Guse and Mike Lester 43" at 7:03am, George and Patrick Kingsland 38.25" at 7:10am, Norm and Jay Baldwin 35.50" at 7:48am, Paul Huebner and Jeremy VanErt 37.75" at 9:41am, Matt Raley and Jeff VanRemortel 34" at 11:03am, Bob Dekker and Randy Pearson 37.50" at 12:22pm.

The WMTís North/South Twin Lakes "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"™ top five finishers were:

1st - Even and Buck Derleth
2nd - Nate Osfar/Steve DeVitt
3rd - Robbie Rottier/Benji Wood
4th - Gary George/Bob Lass
5th - David Godin/John Cestkowski

The next tournaments for the WMT are "MUSKIE DOUBLE HEADER"™ qualifiers on the Phillips Chain of Lakes and Butternut Lake on the weekend of June 5th and 6th. There are still some spots open for each tournament. If you would like to fish the Phillips Chain event, you can sign up for the tourney on Friday, June 4th at the Birch Island Resort on the south shores of Wilson Lake on Wilson Lake Road between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Registration for Butternut Lake will be at Northern Pines Resort on Saturday, June 5th between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

If you are interested in becoming the next big winner, meeting a great bunch of men and women, and learning more about this great fresh water game fish, fish the Wisconsin Muskie Tour. For more information about the WMT, log onto www.wmtseries.com or call (715) 277-4411.

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