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Squirrel Lake often gets overshadowed by the other area lakes that surrounds it like the Minocqua Chain, the Flambeau Chain, Pike/Round Lake Chain and the Willow Flowage and other lakes, but Squirrel Lake can hold it's own as a quality fishery for walleye, large and small mouth bass, panfish and of course, MUSKIES ! The lake possesses great structure with numerous humps, points, and bays that keep any muskie angler busy. The lake's slightly off color water and good weed growth allows the target angler plenty of opportunity to cross paths with some of the resident muskies. Squirrel Lake is 1,317 acres and 46 feet maximum depth and has over 12 miles of shoreline.

Walleye and perch pattern lures work well along with gold and silver really shine in these waters for muskies with a brown, black, purple or yellow skirt on your on your bucktail. Suicks are the preferred jerk baits on Squirrel and twitch baits, deep diving cranks and soft plastics are also a must to put a muskie "in the net".

When spring arrives, fish the spawning bays and the points and humps adjacent to them. For the first couple of weeks, the majority of the muskies population will be relatively shallow and very accessible to the angler. Sight fishing with bass style equipment, i.e. jigs, small twitch baits, small spinners with fluorocarbon line will finesse more of these post spawn muskies in these clearer waters. But don't forget the mid-lake presentation either. Muskies that spawned earlier have already "set up shop" in the lake basin following prey.

As summer approaches, the muskie activity speeds up and so should you. The muskies will be ready to take a fast moving bucktail or erratic jerk bait or twitch bait, so cover water quickly. Outside and inside edges of the weedlines and pockets will produce along with breaklines, humps and points are all locations to key on. Night-time is an extremely good time to be on Squirrel in the summer for some explosive action that can produce some very surprising results and some very big fish.

Fall is another great time to be on Squirrel Lake. Suckers on a quick strike rig along the steep breaklines while casting a big juicy soft plastic or jerk baits can be a very good one...two punch!!!

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